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About Us

SofTechMag is an online publication focused on publishing digital marketing tools reviews, comparisons, and guides on how to use them. 

So many online resources promote products because of their affiliate program. They share what is already being shared on the official websites of the tools. It makes it hard to select the best option. 

This is where SofTechMag comes in. 

We use, test, and analyze each tool we review on our blog. As per the results of our experiments, we claim it to be the best option available online. 

About SofTechMag Editorial Team

SofTechMag is backed by tech-savvy content writers and Digital Marketers who know their stuff and are really passionate about it. Each statement is backed by research and efforts we made in the planning process to provide the best actionable information on the internet. 

Our Editorial Staff will never disappoint you in publishing the best reviews and guides about digital marketing software. 

A Bonus For Our Audience…

Aside from reviewing the best products, sharing content on how to use them, and scale your agency, at SofTechMag, we also talk about how you can make money by using a tool. Whether it is affiliate marketing, starting your own business, or offering freelance services, we have enlightened all possible ways to make money through it. 

Got Something to Share with Us? 

At SofTechMag, we have a responsive team that checks emails and responds to them ASAP. So if you have something to share with us, or want to be our partner, just send us a message or email. 

It is very simple!

Head over to our “Contact Us” page and fill out the form. All done. 

We will respond as soon as possible. 

Till then, skim through our new content.

Thank You!

Team SofTechMag