Before using any software, it is necessary to know how it can solve your problems. So, we have crafted a detailed Builderall Review for you. We have mentioned everything you must know about Builderall in 2021. 

So, without any delay, let’s dive right in! 

What is Builderall?

What is Builderall

Builderall is an all-in-one cloud-based digital marketing platform. It is being used for handling multiple marketing tasks and automating different business processes. You can create landing pages, websites, sales funnels, webinars, email marketing campaigns, social media LIVEs, and much more. Builderall was mainly built for entrepreneurs and business owners who have a small team or solopreneurs but want winning tools to automate various marketing tasks. Builderall was launched in 2017 and replaced other software—capable of handling one activity at a time. 

Why do business owners or entrepreneurs prefer this? 

  • It saves times 
  • It is an all-in-one business tool 
  • It is cloud-based 

Well, I must say it was launched with advanced tools. But still, this platform keeps on evolving. They launch new features and sub-features within each feature whenever software updates. The sole purpose of Builderall is to save your time, let you make efficient & result-oriented marketing campaigns, manage & automate your business processes. 

Builderall Features – A Sneak Peek

Builderall Funnel Builders

People prefer using Builderall because of the advanced features it offers. Although, new users or newbies might find its interface hard to understand. But once you would get to know how useful it is for automating your business processes, it would be hard to resist. For more clarification, I have shared a detailed review of the features and tools of Builderall. 

So, let’s jump on that directly! 

1. Builders of Builderall

Builderall provides you with many options for building the gateways or pipelines for attracting the right prospects. You require a system for your business to land high-paying clients or sell your products. 

For this, you need to build a website, email list, funnels for conversions, freebies, courses, lead magnets, and the list goes on. I believe you would be using different tools for each of these things.

You might have registered your domain, then bought a subscription on an email tool, then funnels-builder, and then bla bla bla!!

But now, no need to get caught in too many complexities. You can create and manage all these things under one umbrella—Builderall’s builders.

1.1 Cheetah Website Builder

Builderall website builder

If you are a service provider, entrepreneur, or small business owner, you need a website to showcase your products or services. But it would be a problem till now because you would not be familiar with the technical knowledge. 

Builderall lets you create a professional website within minutes. All you need to do is edit the pre-designed templates as per your need and requirement. You don’t require technical knowledge to build high-end websites. Simply drag and drop, edit the font, or make other changes you want—your website is ready. 

1.2 Responsive Email Builder

Building an email list is not easy, especially when you have to manage the number of subscribers. Builderall’s email marketing tool is known as MailingBoss Autoresponder. 

You will find unlimited email templates to create your email marketing campaigns. Best of all, you can segment your audience depending upon their response and behavior towards your marketing campaigns. This way, you can create more result-oriented campaigns and achieve your marketing goals in a better way.

However, you might find its interface hard to understand, especially when you will compare it to the other email marketing tools out there. But overall, it’s good if you want to manage all marketing activities on a single platform. 

1.3 Cheetah Funnel Builder

If you are new to sales funnels, you will find this tool easy and manageable. Plenty of templates are available on Builderall. You can choose any of those and edit them as per your need. 

You can also integrate the checkouts or payment methods within a funnel to optimize it for sales. 

1.4 Builderall Chat Builder

Chatbots are the hot trend for businesses who want to understand their audience well and convert them. Chatbots lets website visitors, landing page visitors, or social media page visitors ask their queries in real-time. 

With Builderall, you can create a Facebook chatbot where you can get the queries in real-time. With this tool, you can understand your prospects in a better way and convert them later on. 

1.5 Builderall Magazine Builder

Builderall magazine builder

Magazines are not out of fashion. Instead, they turned out to be digital magazines or e-magazines. Most people prefer online magazines. So, digital or e-magazines are getting popularity and reputation. 

Additionally, you can monetize them and charge people, say celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, businesses, for featuring them.

Using a Builderall Magazine Builder, you can create mesmerizing magazines without having technical knowledge. You will find tons of templates for magazines, pick the best one you liked and edit it as you want. Adding videos, links, referrals to other resources, and monetizing it gives Builderall an edge over other magazine builders. 

1.6 Builderall E-learning Course Builder

Many experts or professionals share their knowledge by creating paid courses. But you need a proper enrollment system for students. Plus, you need a platform for managing your online courses. At times, you will have multiple online courses to share with your audience.  

In this regard, Builderall Course Builder can be a good pick. The course builder is easy to understand and use. And with a few amendments, you can edit the pre-designed beautiful themes. Additionally, you can integrate other tools with it as well. 

Builderall’s e-learning platform lets you create quizzes, provide certifications, set up modules, add FAQs, and much more! 

1.7 Builderall Webinar Builder

Builderall Webinar Builder

Webinars are the preference of most entrepreneurs, service providers, coaches, or consultants. It’s a great way to build relationships and share knowledge. You can share videos, record a webinar, or add multimedia. 

This tool was in use in the Builderall 3.0 version as well. But now it’s upgraded, and a LIVE streaming feature has been added. It means you can Livestream your webinar directly to Facebook or YouTube.

1.8 E-Commerce Businesses

The E-commerce industry is booming, and everyone is trying their luck to become successful in this business and industry. The number of retail sales is increasing every year, which means there is great potential. 

With Builderall, you can create your own eCommerce store as well. This feature was launched after the partnership with Magento. You can upload your inventory, integrate payment methods, and do much more. However, there are still better options available for eCommerce store creation. Although, I am not a fan of using it personally.

2. Builderall Checkouts

Mainly business owners use Builderall for growing their business and managing the products and services online. So, whether you are selling digital products or physical products, you require a proper checkout system. 

With Builderall, you can integrate the payment methods, offer coupons, auctions, offers, and much more! It works well for eCommerce businesses as well. Builderall 4.0 lets you integrate the checkouts in the following areas: 

  • Super Checkout
  • Super Checkout for Affiliates Sales Control
  • Builderall Checkout
  • Auction Checkout
  • Free Product Plus Shipping Checkout

3. Website Analysis & Traffic Management

Getting a website is easy, but maintaining it is sometimes back-breaking. You need to figure out the flow of traffic, ranking factors, and a few other things. That is why Builderall has launched these tools: 

  • Heat Map 
  • SEO Analysis 

3.1 Heat Map

With this tool, you can analyze the behavior of the audience on your website. This feature will highlight the pages and areas with more traffic or action taken on site. By using this tool, you can optimize your landing pages for better results. 

3.2 SEO Report

How is it possible to talk about websites and blogs without considering SEO? If you want to rank on Google, you must know what’s working and what’s not for your business. You will get to know which keywords are working for you. 

However, if you intend to grow your business professionally, I recommend using a more advanced SEO tool with more features and details.

4. Builderall Designing Tools

No matter what you do, you would require basic designing skills for showcasing your products or services in a better way. It can include videos, images, animated videos, and basic editing as well. So, here are a few designing tools of Builderall for you:

4.1 Animated Video Tool

Builderall review video builder

Builderall lets you create animated videos for your business. This tool is easy for some and hard for others. So, it depends on your skills and interest. However, this tool lets you create basic-level videos. You cannot expect extraordinary results from it. 

4.2 Mockup Studio

Mockup Studio is helpful if you have to deal with basic design. You can use it to create your social media posts, magazine covers, eBooks, product designs, etc. 

Builderall Pricing

Do you know another reason why Builderall is the choice of many? Yes, you guessed it correctly. The pricing of Builderall is quite decent and reasonable. Most business owners and entrepreneurs prefer using it because of the pricing advantage, too. 

Builderall Pricing plans

Let’s discuss the pricing plans for helping you make a better comparison with other tools in the market. Mainly, Builderall has three pricing tiers with specified features within each plan. As you go on an advanced payment plan, the features option increases simultaneously. 

Builderall Cheetah Plan

The basic pricing plan of Builderall – Cheetah starts from $14.90. It comes with the following features.

  • One domain, 3 subdomains
  • 2000 subscribers limit, and
  • 2GB disk space. 

Furthermore, you won’t get access to all tools. So, this plan is only recommended to those who are just starting with Builderall. 

Marketer Plan

If you are a freelance marketer, the Builderall Marketer plan suits perfectly to your needs. For just $69.90, it comes with the following features. 

  • Three Domains, Five Subdomains
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 5GB disk space. 

Premium Plan

For businesses that want to grow, the Builderall Premium plan is a good option. Unlike the other basic plans, it comes with stretched limits and gives you full access to tools needed to grow your business. 

For just $79.90, the premium plan comes with the following features

  • 15 Domains, unlimited subdomains.
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • All tools and automatic approval as an affiliate. 

Funnel Club

Here comes the final pricing plan designed for marketing pros. There are no limitations, but you will have to pay $199 as the first payment, then $79.90 per month. 

The features included in the funnel club plans are

  • 15 domains, unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 10GB disk space
  • All tools, features, and funnel templates 
  • Automatic affiliate approval. 

How to Use Builderall?

Buildearall is not much user-friendly as compared to other tools available in the market. It would be especially hard for the newbies and people who are not much familiar with these tools. But here is some good news for you! 

Here is how you can use Builderall: 

  1. Go to the Builderall and choose your payment plan depending upon your need. 
  2. Signup or create an account on Builderall or else pick a FREE trial. 
  3. After signing up, choose what you need to do and start working. 

Well, if you are new to this, you might find it hard to understand and use. But the best part is, Builderall provides you with the learning platform where video tutorials are available in bulk for all features. 

Builderall beats its competitors in this regard because it has a “how-to” tutorial for all features. Whenever you feel stuck at something, simply find the tutorial, where you will get to know everything about that specific feature. 

What is Builderall 5.0?

What is builderall 5.0

Builderall has released a new update named Builder 5.0. Most of you would not be aware of it. However, the latest addition of advanced and user-friendly features made it the best pick (with certain limitations). 

However, being an active user of Builderall, you must know how it would be useful for you. One of the best additions to its features list is Cheetah Drag n Drop. I found this tool easy and user-friendly. 

Along with this, it provides a good loading speed which is a good factor for Google rankings. Not only this, you will find a bunch of other tools with advanced features. You’re going to love it for sure. You will have access to over 30 new and advanced features. 

How is Builderall Customer Support?

Builderall customer support

Builderall support is quite responsive, and whenever you reach out to them, professionals get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, during the whole process, the support team stays patient and will keep listening to your problem to provide the best possible solution. 

You can contact them via contact support. When you log in to your account, you will see a chatbot icon at the bottom. Click on it to continue the conversation.

Best of all, you can add your email, a question, and you can even choose between the languages if you cannot understand English. 

By adding this information clearly, it will help the support team understand your issue better. You can also add images or screenshots for better understanding. 

Moreover, FAQs are also available to help you understand the basic level and minor issues. Another way to contact the support team is by contacting them via the Help button. After clicking on it, it will land you on other pages sequentially.

Builderall Pros and Cons

Builderall is basically a good platform that keeps on evolving over time. You will see enhancement of user experience, the addition of new features, improvement in current features, and so on. 

But still, nothing is perfect, so here is a list of pros and cons. You must take a glance once to understand and differentiate it from other platforms. 

Pros of Builderall

  • The platform keeps on evolving 
  • Access to unlimited templates 
  • Checkouts for multiple purposes 
  • Live chat support 
  • Email marketing advanced tools 
  • Responsive community 
  • Economical pricing plans 
  • 30 above advanced tools & features 
  • Affiliate program is lucrative 

Cons of Builderall

  • Not much user-friendly 
  • Newbies found it confusing 
  • Navigation of tools could be overwhelming 
  • Not suitable for entry-level users 

What is Builderall Affiliate Program?

Builderall Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate programs and marketing are the most demanded passive income stream.

Considering this, Builderall has launched its affiliate program to provide a platform for a side hustle to entrepreneurs. With an updated version, Builderall 5.0, there are a few updates in the affiliate program as well. 

This program is a two-tier affiliate program. And it lets you choose between two options: 

  • Builderall Customer/Affiliate
  • Builderall Solo Affiliate

However, the Builder 4.0 version has some different criteria and commission systems as compared to the latest one. Within this program, you can have commissions based on the following criteria: 

  • Receive a 100% commission on a first sale 
  • Receive 30% commission on recurring and 2nd tier recurring commission 

So, if you are looking for a legit affiliate program, I would suggest trying Builderall. The criteria, policies, and commissions are quite reasonable. 

How to Make Money with Builderall?

Builderall not just makes your business processes easy, but it also helps you generate passive income. However, if you want to generate money from an affiliate program from Builderall, you have to make sales. 

Like other businesses, or like your own, you have to promote your product or services across different platforms; where you see your potential clients. In the same way, you have to promote Builderall and compel people to sign up.

Only then would you be able to get the commission. Here are some useful tips that can help you understand How to Promote Builderall, and it will surely help you make some money. 

  • Promote Builderall on social media 
  • Join Facebook communities and connect with potential prospects 
  • Create funnels and strategize the overall process of sales 
  • Create your YouTube channel for promoting Builderall 
  • Create “How-to” Tutorials for Builderall 
  • Try paid advertising for promotions 

Builderall Alternatives

No doubt, Builderall can fulfill almost all your needs regarding the management of business processes. But still, there are a few limitations to a few features, and it’s not useful for all kinds of people. 

So, you can have a look at the other alternatives of Builderall. Some of them are used for a single purpose, but some are all-in-one tools like Builderall. 

  • Groove Funnels 
  • Kartra 
  • Kajabi 
  • Shopify 
  • MailChimp 
  • Shopify 
  • GetResponse 
  • ClickFunnels 

But here, I will discuss a few of these that serve nearly the same purpose as Builderall. 

1. GrooveFunnels

what is groovefunnels

GrooveFunnels is also an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you automate your business processes. You can create landing pages, websites, funnels, email marketing campaigns, manage your online store, and much more than that. 

Read our GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels is the best pick for entrepreneurs, small business owners, content creators, or service providers. You can use this tool if you want to keep all your business processes under one umbrella. Here are some main features of GrooveFunnels: 

  • GroovePages – creating landing pages, websites, etc 
  • GrooveMail – creating email campaigns 
  • GrooveKart – eCommerce store management and creation 
  • GrooveQuiz – creating quizzes 
  • GrooveSurvey – creating and managing online surveys 
  • GrooveWebinars – automated and live streaming webinars 
  • GrooveBlog – create and manage a blog 
  • GrooveAffiliate – affiliate program for passive income 

There are other features available as well. Along with this, Builderall provides FREE membership to its users as well. 

GrooveFunnels has two pricing plans; paid and free plans. You can use a lot of features in the FREE or basic plan as well. However, you can always switch to paid plans. Have a look at the pricing plans of Builderall. 

  • Platinum Lifetime – $799 (Just 2 easy monthly payments) 
  • Platinum Lifetime – $1397 (One Time Payment)
  • Platinum Lifetime – $497 (Just 5 easy monthly payments)

2. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels unique features

Now here comes one of the widely used and most preferred platforms for building funnels. You can create high-converting sales funnels for all kinds of businesses. Whether you want to create funnels for physical products or digital products, ClickFunnels is always the #1 option to choose.  

Mainly, entrepreneurs, coaches, service providers, eCommerce business owners, B2B brands can use it to create optimized landing pages, funnels, and campaigns. It also lets you integrate third-party tools with it. Here are some features that ClickFunnels offer you: 

  • Funnels creation
  • Order pages 
  • Membership Funnels 
  • Custom Domains 
  • Email Integrations 
  • Sales Funnels 
  • A/B Split Test 
  • Optin Funnels & much more! 

As far as pricing is concerned, ClickFunnels offers you a free trial of 14 days, but later or sooner, you have to go for a paid membership. ClickFunnels let you earn 20% to 40% commission on sales in the Affiliate Program. Here are the pricing plans of ClickFunnels. 

  • Basic Plan – $97 per month
  • Advanced Plan – $297 per month 

3. Kartra

What is kartra

Another competitor of Builderall on the list! Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform. It lets you create funnels, website pages, email marketing campaigns and have unlimited pre-designed templates. You can use Kartra for managing multiple marketing tasks as Builderall. 

As far as usage is concerned, Kartra is used by entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing agencies, service providers, or anyone with an online business presence. Kartra offers you the following features: 

  • Generate Leads 
  • Build Funnels & Campaigns 
  • Create Forms 
  • Landing page builder 
  • Analytics 
  • Calendar for scheduling 
  • Integrations & API 
  • Email marketing campaigns 

Kartra also offers you the FREE trial of 14 days, but there is no lifetime free subscription like GrooveFunnels. However, you have the option of choosing a payment plan among four options. Have a look at them: 

  • Starter – $99/month 
  • Silver – $199/month
  • Gold – $299/month 
  • Platinum – $499/month

The number of features in each plan varies according to the prices. You will unlock more features and tools if you choose an advanced plan.

It also lets you generate passive income through its affiliate program. Additionally, they are categorized into two main programs: 

  • Affiliates – earn 40% commission on each referral sale 
  • JV Brokers – earn 10% commission on every sale or recurring payment 


What is systeme is another all-in-one platform that lets you automate and manage all your marketing processes. It is somehow similar to Builderall and is used for the same purposes.

You can create pages, funnels, email lists, marketing campaigns, and much more. 

The users of are mainly business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers, etc. Best of all, new users who are not familiar with such tools can use them with ease. 

Let’s have a look at the features of 

  • Funnel builder 
  • Email list 
  • Create sites 
  • Blog builder 
  • A/B tests 
  • Email campaigns 
  • Custom domains 
  • Affiliate program 

However, this tool would be useful for you if you’re a beginner or new to businesses. You might feel the need to switch to another platform.

Now let’s talk about the pricing plans it offers you. You have four options to sign up on 

  • Free – $0/month 
  • Startup – $27/month
  • Webinar – $47/month
  • Enterprise – $97/month 

As you can see, the pricing is quite low, and anyone who is starting can pick this tool. 

Is Builderall Legit?

Builderall is completely legit. In fact, it’s not only legit but also worth investing in if you want an all-in-one solution for your business processes. You can manage your business processes and earn from them as well. 

Builderall’s affiliate program is great for earning passive income. However, it’s not like once you have signed up for an affiliate program and it will keep bringing in some cash. Sadly, no, you have to promote Builderall and compel people to sign up for it without being cheesy. 

However, I recommend you build a system for its promotion. Automation is always better than manual work (taking too long every week or month). Additionally, if you have built a strong personal brand, it would be easy for you to make some sales for your affiliate program. By this, you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Builderall Review – Our Final Verdict

As per my experience, technically, Builderall is great for managing the business process. You can create result-oriented campaigns, create lead magnets, funnels, marketing campaigns, or landing pages to capture some quality leads. 

But when it comes to the Buidlerall’s interface, I am not really a fan of it. In fact, I don’t find it user-friendly. It’s kind of messy and hard for new users to explore. 

Besides, the best part of Builderall is that it keeps on evolving. They have upgraded from Builderall 3.0 to Builderall 4.0. It came with the addition of new features with advancement. The new one is also going to be launched very soon, named Builderall 5.0. I hope it will have better features and interface. 


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