Is your mind in the battle of deciding Builderall vs GetResponse? Well, this question should appear in your mind because both the software are worth using. And, they make the online marketing and management of other tasks 10x faster than before.

So, choosing Builderall over GetResponse is complicated, and vice versa. Both have their own specifications and functionalities that make one better than the other.

We have done extensive research on every feature of each platform, and here is our result. Read our guide for making better decisions.

So, let’s dive right in!

Builderall Vs GetResponse – Overview

Before jumping on to the comparisons and core differences, let’s understand the core purpose of each software.

So, let’s start with GetResponse!

What is GetResponse? 

What is GetResponse

Getresponse is an inbound all-in-one marketing software. The core purpose behind this tool was to make email marketing simple and easily manageable for businesses.

Business owners use Getresponse to create an email list, sending emails, automating them, and viewing the analytics.

Later on, the tool updated and came with more diversified options for marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Users can also take advantage of other features like creating landing pages, sales funnels, webinars, or a few e-commerce features. With diversion and addition of more features, it has increased user-base.

Best of all, you can manage all things and tasks on a single platform (GetResponse) rather than switching different tools. Furthermore, they are expanding their features list. So, you can expect more from this tool in the future.

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What is Builderall? 

What is builderall

Builderall is a cloud-based all-in-one digital marketing platform that assists you with sales funnels, website builders, e-commerce features, email marketing, and much more.

Anyone with little or no coding knowledge can easily manage the online marketing processes. All business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers specifically would love this tool.

Builderall saves a lot of your time and money by providing all the features and tools on a single platform. Additionally, it can be paired with other marketing tools (if required).

GetResponse Vs Builderall – Similarities

1. Ease Of Use

Builderall Vs GetResponse the easiest

Almost both tools are easy to use and user-friendly. Also depends on how you manage to use it. But, still, there are some differences in the usage. Let’s check out each of them separately.

When you talk about GetResponse, you will find it much convenient and best for email marketing. Because it’s specialized for this purpose specifically. It would be the best tool for marketers and business owners who only want to deal with email marketing. But they want a little bit of exposure and usage for other features; this might be the best pick for you.

On the flip side, Builderall has quite diverse and advanced features. It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that tries to cover all domains under digital marketing. People with basic level knowledge and expertise can use it easily. If you have familiarity with other marketing tools, then you won’t find it difficult.

However, it would be a little bit more technical than GetResponse.

2. Landing Page Builder

builderall and getresponse landing page builder

The landing page feature is available in both tools – GetResponse and Builderall. You can easily create the landing pages by using simple templates.

Getresponse provides you with multiple templates. You can even create one of your choice via drag-and-drop feature. Simply hover over the feature you want and drag it over the desired place. All done!

When it comes to Builderall, it also provides you with a bundle of countless templates. You can also use the blog templates for your landing page because it somehow resembles and provides the same purpose as a landing page.


The benefit you’ll get from Builderall over GetResponse is that you can add multimedia to Builderall landing pages. The addition of videos/images or audio integration is easy.

Furthermore, you can also see the mobile view on Builderall. It helps in making landing pages more appealing for mobile users. GetResponse also has the same feature, but it is hard to optimize it for mobile devices in GetResponse.

As I mentioned above, Builderall lets you create websites as well. So, in this regard, I would say, Builderall is better than GetResponse.

3. Sales Funnels/ Conversion Funnels

Builderall Vs GetResponse Sales Funnel builder

Again, both tools provide the Sales Funnel/Conversions Funnel features. Builderall brings forth more features and Integrations for the sales funnel. Also, it is a kind of long process as compared to the GetResponse.

You’ll have to go through multiple options in Builderall; Canvas, Email Autoresponder, Cheetah drag-and-drop editor, and a few others.

But, the winning point is that you can create a website following almost the same steps. Furthermore, it’s up to you how you will formulate it (from scratch or pick a template).

The same goes for Getresponse. You don’t need to go in the nitty-gritty of anything. Simply pick a template of your choice and edit it according to your requirements. However, you can also add payment integrations in the Getresponse sales funnel.

If you would ask me which one is better than the other, then it’s hard to choose one. Both are equally good in my point of view. However, some people prefer Getresponse because it takes less time and effort.

4. Email Marketing Automation

Builderall and GetResponse Marketing Automation

In the battle of Builderall vs Getresponse, you’ll sometimes incline towards one and sometimes towards another. For email marketing, both of these tools almost provide the same features; email autoresponder, templates, A/B testing tools, statistics, audience behavior tools, etc.

In comparison, Builderall provides you with an email marketing tool that is another tool within Builderall, called MailingBoss. And you have to create a separate account to use this feature within Builderall. Kinda confusing, huh?

Well, this is suitable for some and not for others. Along with this, the integration and compatibility with other tools are disappointing.

On the flip side, Getresponse has much better features and functionality. You can create an email list and maintain your contacts easily. Moreover, it lets you categorize your audience depending on the time and actions.

If you have decided to send emails after specific time intervals, then Getresponse is responsive in this regard. Additionally, you can separate a list of contacts based on actions; someone unsubscribed, purchased, added to cart, welcome email, etc.

Both tools will provide you with catchy and fascinating email templates. However, I would say Getresponse is a winner when it comes to email marketing.

5. Webinar Builder

GetResponse vs. Builderall Webinar Builder

Another similarity between GetResponse and Builderall!

Both of these platforms let you conduct webinars and make your lead generation process easier than before.

However, there is a specific limit for attendees. Best of all, the sub-features of GetResponse for webinar makes it much easier. Lead generation processes can be generated and managed in a single platform. It lets you share your screen, add PPT, share videos, recording and much more.


On the flip side, Builderall also provides you a facility to host webinars. Features of webinars in both of these platforms differ. But both let you create webinars which is a significant feature for users, especially the service providers.

As far as webinars are concerned, Builderall provides various features to fascinate and facilitate the viewers. From creating content, uploading, measuring responses, and statistics — it takes care of everything.

Builderall VS GetResponse – Uniqueness

Builderall Uniqueness

1. Live Streaming Tool (for Fb & YT)

Builderall Live streaming feature

Live streaming has become popular over time and is still getting popular. Coping up with the new normal, Builderall has introduced this feature. You can conduct live streams on Facebook and YouTube via this feature.

Isn’t it cool? You can make the lead generation process easy, increase engagements that will ultimately lead to conversions. Builderall will provide you with more advanced features for marketing. You can optimize your pages for rankings, ebook creation tools, Facebook Livestream, YouTube Live Streaming, and much more.

So, you would have more options in Builderall for other marketing features. However, it depends on what you use for your business (paid and organic marketing). But keeping a balance between both would be very helpful for long-term results.

2. Website Builder

Builderall cheetah website builder

As you already know, both platforms provide you the facility to create landing pages. But, here is one feature that makes a difference in this regard.

Builderall lets you create the landing pages and website within minutes and without having technical knowledge. You don’t need to build anything from scratch. Builderall provides you with several templates. You just need to adjust them according to your needs and requirements.

Simple drag and drop, text edits, and simple editing will provide you with a brand new website. However, if you’re a professional and want to grow your business, I’d highly recommend you purchase a domain and create your website. It will leave a good impression on viewers.

For websites, Builderall provides you

  • Free SSL for Web security
  • Mobile loading accelerator – for fast loading websites, and
  • On-page optimization.

However, there are other features available as well. Like Heat Mapping or Analytics (discussed later) that help you manage and optimize a website successfully.

3. A/B Split Testing

Builderall a/b split testing

Can you make decisions without having data and analysis?

Your answer would probably be NO! And you are right! You have to do testing, experimentation, data collection, and forecasting for better decisions.

Being an all-in-one platform, Builderall comes with A/B Split testing features that help you direct your future campaigns accordingly.

Along with this, you can view the Analytics to see how your campaigns are performing. And collect the data of your audience effectively. Another feature that would be helpful in this regard is Heat Mapping.

Heat Mapping allows you to see what website visitors are doing on your website. You can track their activities, which pages fascinate them, what they view, what they like, etc.

4. Checkouts for Products, Online Courses & Affiliates

Builderall can be a good choice for e-commerce businesses because it offers you vast features. You can use Heat Mapping to understand the store visitors’ behavior, you can do On-page SEO, integrate checkouts, monitor the shipping, sales statistics, and the list goes on.

You can create your e-commerce store on Builderall and start selling by adding your products and other required information. Access to other features like coupons, pop-ups, and checkouts is also provided.

Additionally, you can earn money through their affiliate program as well. It lets you sell someone else’s products and earn commission through it if you don’t want to run your own eCommerce store.

5. Blog Builder

The blog is a must for some businesses. Best of all, you can generate passive income via blogs. So, most marketers, business owners, or service providers create their blogs to build an audience. Later on, they monetize the blog and earn a lot through it.

If you are one of those, you might be looking for the easiest ways to create a blog, engage and educate your online community. Thanks to Builderall for this feature!

You can create your own blog easily without having technical knowledge. Also, it has an SEO feature as well that might help you with rankings.

For creating a blog, simply go to the Blog Manager, and click on the Add Blog option, a list of templates would pop up.

In the Blog Manager section, you can post content, review articles, schedule them, publish them, and add other complementary media (i.e. images, videos, gifs) for blogs.

6. Chat Bot Builders

Chatbots are the live customer support services that high-end brands are using. It is becoming popular in small businesses as well because of real-time data collection. Solving the customer queries and converting them has become much easier.

Well, this service is premium and requires some high-end technical knowledge and installation of the latest systems at the backend. But, Builderall makes it convenient and saves the cost of building a chatbot that lets you engage with the prospects in a better way.

Builderall lets you create and automate the Facebook Messenger chatbot. Most businesses build it on their business pages because they can generate leads from social media.

7. Mockup & image Editor

Another specialty and unique feature of Builderall is the image editor and design features. You can add images, videos, and other elements to your content. Furthermore, you can edit them or create them from scratch in Builderall.

You’ll have multiple sub-feature to perform each function. Here are some of these;

  • Image editor
  • Video editor
  • Design Studio
  • Floating Videos
  • Image spinner

These are the most prominent and widely used design features. You can create videos and images for your products and services to grab the attention of your prospects. Additionally, you can edit them as per your requirements and make them more appealing.

8. Membership Site & e-Learning System

builderall membership areas

E-learning has transformed the educational industry; Creates ease for both teacher and student. If you are a service provider and want to create courses, you can formulate them using Builderall.

For creating a course, go to the Apps sections and click on the eLearning. In this section, you have to create online courses.

But before that, you have to add some information about yourself. Introduce yourself so that your students should know you.

Once the course is ready, you can edit and design the course, as per your need and requirements. You can create modules, sections, add multimedia, videos from other platforms, or FAQs.

You can even share your course on social media and create a separate page on your website.

As I mentioned before, you can create websites with Builderall. Not only this, you can even have a membership site. The process is quite easy and simple.

  1. Go to the Responsive Builder.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Click on the Elements and then Buttons to add the login or register options on your site.
  4. Create the membership area. Then you can proceed to further process.
  5. Click on the Layouts, then Restricted Membership settings for additional settings.
  6. Click on Publish to make it live.

9. Huge Knowledge Base

Keep on updating your skills with Builderall! If you are a marketer or business owner who wants to manage the business on your own. Then check out the training resources available on Builderall.

You will find different learning resources for multiple domains. Go to the dashboard and click on the Menu. It will showcase the list of various features. From there, you can click on Training. A list of different training programs will appear in front of you.

Here you will find Full Stack Marketer Certification, Email Marketing + MailingBoss, Facebook Ads course, and many more.

GetResponse Uniqueness

1. Paid Ads Creator

Builderall Vs GetResponse Uniqueness - paid ads creator

The additional marketing features that you’ll find in Getresponse are Facebook ads, social creator ads, forms, and surveys, and the list goes on.

However, in the paid ads section, you can create Facebook & Google ads. Furthermore, you can utilize other features that align with advertising and marketing, collecting data and market research via forms and surveys.

Being a marketer, you will find it convenient for multiple reasons. For example, if you’re going to conduct an event, you can start a webinar. Create a landing page for enrollment, collect data from surveys, or promote your event via social media to get enough exposure.

2. Web Push Notifications & their Analytics

GetResponse Web Push Notification feature

Web push notifications are a unique feature provided by GetResponse. These notifications keep your audience updated about the latest news and updates. Up to some extent, push notifications also help in conversions. So, it is a great addition that aids each business differently.

For activating the web push notifications, review them on this link; create web push notifications

Making decisions without collecting data is like shooting in the dark. So, this is why Getresponse provides you with the Analytics feature that lets you understand what actions your audience is taking. To understand your audience’s response to your marketing campaigns, you must dig deeper into this feature.

3. AI-Based Website Builder

GetResponse has recently launched their AI-based Website Builder to help non-tech entrepreneurs and business owners with website creation within 15 minutes.

The GetResponse Website builder is created to help everyone. So, if you are someone with remarkable designing skills or even someone with ZERO stamina for creativity, you can still create responsive, intuitive and optimized website for your business.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of GetResponse AI-Based Website Builder,

  • No-code website building in 15 mins
  • Access to all creative tools for brainstorming design ideas.
  • Intuitive website templates
  • Complete marketing suite to grow your business like crazy.
  • Create a website by answering a few questions in AI-wizard.
  • Access to detailed analytics.
  • Reach to top of search engines with SEO Optimization.
  • Free domains directory and SSL.

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GetResponse Vs Builderall – What They Need To Improve

Today’s customer is smart enough to understand business. If you just focus on sales, sales, and sales, then no one is going to stick with your brand for long.

For building a brand and good reputation in the market, you need to take care of your customer’s concerns, pain points, and problems. Then they would choose you!

Furthermore, no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. When it comes to these tools, they need to improve the following

  • Customer Support
  • Checkout & Sales Funnels Builder

Well, Builderall has both of these facilities for the users. But GetResponse lacks both. So, it would be a great addition if GetResponse will provide these to the users.

Builderall VS GetResponse – Which One Is Best For Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate marketing programs are popular now, more than ever. As the big platforms are reducing the commissions on sales, other parties are taking advantage of it.

If we talk about Builderall and Getresponse, both of them offer commissions on sales and bonuses. In comparison, I would say that users of Builderall are little more than Getresponse. But Getresponse is better for many reasons.

If you would talk about the affiliate programs, Getresponse offers two plans;

  1. Affiliate Bounty Program &
  2. Affiliate Recurring Program.

The Affiliate Bounty Program is based on a one-time commission, which is $100 on every sale referred. Whereas, Affiliate Recurring Program would provide you with 33% of every sale referred.

Builderall vs GetResponse affiliate program

On the other hand, the Builderall affiliate program is simple and straightforward. You have only single options (unlike GetResponse). And you’ll receive 30% on each sale. However, both are somehow similar and on the same scale. But, when it comes to money, every penny matters.

Builderall Vs GetResponse – Affiliate Program Comparison

Feature Builderall Affiliate Program GetResponse Affiliate Program
Affiliate Options Solo Affiliate

Customer Affiliate

Affiliate Bounty Program

Recurring Affiliate Program

Affiliate Commission $100 for the first sale then 30% recurring. $100 for one-time

33% for recurring

Affiliate Cookie Duration 30 days 120-day cookie duration
Promotional Material Banners, Email and text Ads, Logos. Infographics, Text Ads, Banners, Signatures, Logos, Email Ads.
Registration Click Here Click Here


In this regard, GetResponse is the winner with the best affiliate program. Because you have the option of picking out one out of two programs. Plus, it offers higher commission than Builderall.

Builderall Vs GetResponse – Pricing

Now comes the pricing, which would be a preference of many of us. Most people consider and compare pricing before choosing any tool and software. You would be curious to know about it, right?

So, here I have listed the access of features each tool provides within each package.

GetResponse Pricing

Builderall vs GetResponse; GetResponse pricing

Getresponse offers you 4 different packages for 1 month, 12 months, and 24 months with few discount options.

Within each plan, it lets you choose the list size. With the increase of list size, the pricing also changes. The minimum limit for each of those is 1,000.

These plans are named as;

  • Basic – $10.50/mo for 1000 limit size
  • Popular – $34.30/mo for 1000 limit size
  • Professional – $69.30/mo for 1000 limit size
  • Max – Custom pricing

For further details, you can click on this (GetResponse) link for features comparison; for fulfilling your requirements. Best of all, each of these plans provides you with free trials. So you can always switch from one to another.

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Builderall Pricing

Builderall vs GetResponse; Builderall pricing

Builderall provides you with a long list of features with different pricing. However, none of the packages provides you with a free trial. So, it would be somewhat back-breaking for you to compare each of them.

Rather than trying each plan, you can simply go through the list of their features and identify which suits your requirements well.

But here is good news for you! You can’t have the free trial in Builderall, but you can use their FREE plan that provides you with certain features. If you are a small business owner or solopreneur who doesn’t require fancy features, then this is for you!

Now, let’s have a look at each plan with the pricing (the thing we all are most concerned about). 

  • Builder – U$29.90/mo
  • Premium – U$69.90/mo
  • Funnel Club – U$99.90/mo

Each of these plans provides you with the pricing of 1 month with multiple options. In this regard, Getresponse pricing is more flexible and customized, whereas Builderall is expensive. But if we compare the features (unique features than Getresponse), then Builderall is worth buying.

Our Verdict

Well, as I mentioned above, both tools are suitable for growing your online businesses or even physical ones with a digital presence.

Both of them work in different ways and provide distinct features. But, in my opinion, and the battle of Builderall vs GetResponse, Getresponse is a winner.

Curious to know why?

Yes, it offers limited features as compared to Builderall, but those few features work with efficiency and excellence. That we personally love and use to scale our business.

So, the lesser, the better! You don’t need to provide everything to excel. However, your opinion could differ from ours. If you are looking for more diversified Builderall vs GetResponse comparision, then Builderall could be your pick.

What would you like to choose after this comparison?


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