Looking for a digital marketing tool? When it comes to GrooveFunnels vs. DropFunnels, you have two great options.

GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels both offer some amazing features for marketers who want to take care of their website, funnel pages, sales pages, or campaigns from one dashboard. But they have some key differences too! 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that includes everything from email campaigns to landing pages, then GrooveFunnels is the way to go.

But if you need more control over your website or have bigger needs than what GrooveFunnels offers, then DropFunnels may be the better option for you.

This blog post will compare these two leading digital marketing tools so you can choose which is right for your needs.

GrooveFunnels Vs DropFunnels – What are they?

DropFunnels and GrooveFunnels are both digital marketing tools that help marketers manage their websites, funnels, sales pages, and campaigns directly from a single dashboard.

GrooveFunnels Email Marketing tool

GrooveFunnels help businesses get more leads and sales with powerful lead generation, email marketing & automation features. GrooveFunnels is a full-service, all-inclusive software that helps you automate your business from start to finish – including the ability to create custom funnels for any need or industry.

What is DropFunnels

On the other hand, DropFunnels is a sales funnel tool that helps you create a wide range of sales pages – from simple opt-in pages to advanced upsells, down-sells, and cross-sells. GrooveFunnels also has the ability to add landing page templates for webinars or product launches.

Let’s dive into the details of what makes them different.

What is Similar in GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels?

GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels are both software as a service (SaaS) tools that provide features to help marketers manage their website, sales pages, lead capture funnels, etc., directly from one dashboard. GrooveFunnels has everything you need to create an entire business in one place – including the ability for users to automate email marketing campaigns with drip sequences, run A/B tests on landing pages & more! 

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DropFunnels is similar because it offers all of these same features too! Grooves have built-in integrations with your favorite apps, which makes building automated workflows incredibly easy. Groove also lets you upload existing leads so they can be imported into the system automatically via CSV file or uploaded manually by logging into your Groove dashboard.

The Difference between GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels

There are a lot of similarities between GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels from the standpoint that both offer great features for marketers who want to manage their websites, funnels, sales pages, or campaigns in one place.

But they also have some key differences too!

GrooveFunnels is more all-inclusive, while DropFunnel has more control. GrooveFunnels is ideal for marketers who want to manage their full business through a single solution, including everything from email marketing & automation features to websites and landing pages.

On the other hand, DropFunnel has more flexibility in terms of what type of page you can create with its tools – whether that be opt-in page, thank you page, webinar pages, or any type of sales funnel. GrooveFunnels also has the ability to add landing page templates for webinars or product launches.

Here are some more details on their features that make GrooveFunnels and DropFunnel stand out from each other:

Groove Funnels vs. Drop Funnels – Key Features

My favorite feature is The Landing Page Builder tool which allows me to customize my website with no coding knowledge required! They also have a Drag & Drop Editor tool that allows me to quickly create new funnels without touching one line of code (my second favorite).

Drop Funnel This includes lots of built-in templates like lead capture forms and upsells/downsells that help me create pages in just minutes.

With GrooveFunnels, I can also use Lead Capture forms to get people’s contact information so I can follow up with them through email marketing and automation features – which is what GrooveFunnels does best!

Drop Funnel has the ability to add Landing Page templates for webinars or product launches which makes it a great option if you want more control over your website & sales page needs.

GrooveFunnels Key Features

GrooveFunnels vs DropFunnels

  1. GroovePages

GroovePages is the most popular feature, which allows you to create custom landing pages in just minutes. It’s incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge – you can learn how to use it within a few hours!

  1. GrooveMail

GrooveFunnels’ email marketing and automation features are a great way to increase engagement with your audience. You can send out automated emails that are triggered based on different actions people take, such as visiting specific pages or completing certain types of activities.

  1. GrooveSell

GrooveSell is a powerful solution for shopping carts and a great free alternative. It lets you handle all the essential tasks like selling products, providing support, and much more. It works best for eCommerce stores that want to increase their sales with minimal efforts in the backend.

  1. GrooveAffiliate

GrooveAffiliate is a powerful affiliate marketing platform that will let you perform many tasks like promoting products, delivering offers, and organizing your sales funnels. Groove Affiliate has the most flexible plan with amazing values for marketers looking to increase their earnings.

  1. GrooveBlog

GrooveBlog is GrooveHQ’s free blogging platform. It offers the complete solution for bloggers to write, publish and monetize their content on blogs or websites. GroovBlogs are more powerful than other tools like WordPress because of its unique features that will help you get started quickly with your blog posting tasks.

  1. GrooveMember

GrooveMember is GrooveHQ’s membership management software. It offers the complete solution for individuals or brands to build their own online community, enable private access, and sell digital products. GrooveMembers are more powerful than other tools because of their unique features that will help you get started quickly with your e-commerce tasks.

  1. GrooveVideo

GrooveVideo offers the complete solution for marketers to create, publish and monetize videos on YouTube or their own websites. GroovVideos are more powerful than other tools like Wistia because of its unique features that will help you get started quickly with your video creation tasks.

  1. GrooveKart

GrooveKart is a free eCommerce store builder. It offers the complete solution for entrepreneurs to create and manage their online stores with no coding or website building skills required. GroovKarts are more powerful than other tools like Shopify because of its unique features that will help you get started quickly with your niche.

DropFunnels Key Features

DropFunnels vs GrooveFunnels

  1. FrontEnd Website with Unlimited Pages

With DropFunnels, you can create your business website as extensively as you want. It allows you to go beyond the standard one-page sites and develop a site with as many pages as needed. You can even use your own domain name for each page, which is great because it helps establish trust in visitors that land on your website.

  1. Unlimited Membership sites and Courses

With DropFunnels membership sites, you can create unlimited membership sites. You can also create unlimited courses with DropFunnels.

Unlimited Subdomains and Custom Domains for Your Funnel

With DropFunnels, you can create an unlimited number of subdomains and custom domains. It’s great because it allows you to customize each page in your network to make them easier to find.

  1. DropFunnels Blogging Solution

Like GrooveFunnels, DropFunnels also gives you a complete blogging solution with unlimited blog posts. Hosted on WordPress and backed with lightning-fast speed, you can easily rank for top searches and generate leads.

  1. Automatic Order notifications

With DropFunnels, you get a feature to automatically notify your customers about order confirmation, packing, shipment, cancellation and ask them for their review once delivered.

  1. Payment Solution

DropFunnels payment solution lets you make online payments as easy as possible. By integrating the two major and most trusted payment partners, PayPal and Stripe, you can receive worry-free payments from all over the globe and grow your business clientele.

Groovefunnels vs Dropfunnels: Which One Should You Use?

The GrooveFunnels vs DropFunnels comparison is not just about what makes them different or unique, but it is about which business should use it.

GrooveFunnels is ideal for marketers who want a complete solution, including everything from landing pages to email marketing all-inclusive tools like funnels. GrooveFunnels is perfect for marketers who are just starting out and want to have a complete solution. It also offers an affiliate program which makes it even more profitable if you invest in Groove funnels.

Dropfunels, on the other hand, is ideal for entrepreneurs who like to do things their own way without any restrictions imposed by tools or additional apps. Dropfunel’s unlimited pages make it easy to create your website with no coding knowledge required at all! You can also control every single detail of your site, including page layout settings (how many columns), text alignment, images, etc., making DropFunnel perfect for freelancers and small business owners. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to use this app easily without any help.

GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels Pricing Comparison

Here comes the most important factor in the GrooveFunnels vs DropFunnels comparison. Being both tools great at their features, the prominent factor we, marketers, emphasize is pricing.

So, let’s dig deeper.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

Since its launch, GrooveFunnels has offered two simple plans.

1- Free Plan: Access to all GrooveFunnels features with limitations.

2- GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal – Access to everything inside Groove for a lifetime.

Before today, the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal was for $1397. You can either pay it as a one-time payment or either in installments of two, three, or six months.

However, as the beta version ended, GrooveFunnels increased its lifetime deal pricing to $1997 as a one-time payment. The installment option is also available and lets you pay in two and three easy installments.

Furthermore, there is another pricing option yet to launch – the GrooveFunnels monthly subscription.

With it, you can get access to everything inside GrooveFunnels for a month for just $299.

As a team of fellow marketers, we do not suggest our readers wait for the monthly pricing model as it is just limited to time with higher pricing than the lifetime deal.

So, as per the UPDATED pricing of GrooveFunnels, here are the options.

GrooveFunnels pricing plans

  1. GrooveFunnels lifetime deal: access to everything for a lifetime in just $1997.
  2. EZ Pay: Get everything inside GrooveFunnels in just THREE easy installments of $699.
  3. 2X Pay Plan: Get everything inside GrooveFunnels for a lifetime in just TWO easy installments of $999.

DropFunnels Pricing Plans

DropFunnels Offers three different pricing plans.

DropFunnels pricing

  1. Starter plan: It gives you access to everything you need to start a profitable business in just $97 per month.
  2. Partner Program: If you want to grow your business like crazy, the partner program comes with everything you need for just $297 per month.
  3. DFY Partner Program: If you think that your business needs are more than what is available in these two plans, contact the sales team and get a customized pricing plan. The pricing will depend on what feature you include and its limitations.

DropFunnels and GrooveFunnels Pricing – What’s the difference?

Though both GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels have justified and affordable pricing for what they offer. But there is a key difference.

Both tools offer free plans but have different requirements. GrooveFunnel’s free plan is free for a lifetime with limited access to each feature. On top of that, they don’t need your card information for it.

However, DropFunnels offer only a limited free plan of 30-days on the starter plan and need your card information. So if you do not cancel the subscription, you will be charged $97 monthly.

Is There Any Difference Between Dropfunnels And Groovefunnels Affiliate Program?

Yeah, the GroovePartner program and DropFunnels affiliate program are completely different.

GrooveFunnels Partner Program

What is groovefunnels affiliate program

GrooveFunnels affiliate program lets you make as much as 40% recurring affiliate commission on each sale you make. Being a high-ticket product, affiliates have the chance to promote it and get as much as $799 per sale.

Those who aren’t current GrooveFunnels members can also join the affiliate program and earn a commission of 20%.

Moreover, they have a two-tier affiliate system. This means if you generate a lead and someone else closes it, you will still get 50% of your commission (20% for paid members, 10% for free members) without costing any penny to the customer or the affiliate who closed the deal – Ultimately, a win-win situation.

DropFunnels Partner Program

DropFunnels Affiliate Program

Unlike GrooveFunnels, the DropFunnels partner program offers a 30% monthly recurring commission. Because it’s pricing is different from GrooveFunnels, based on the monthly subscription pricing, affiliates will receive commissions as long as your lead is paying.

The partner program is hosted on the PayKickstart affiliate management platform, where you will get access to everything you need to make affiliate sales.

The affiliate commission is like this;

  1. Starter plan $97: affiliate commission is $29.1 per month (as long as they renew their subscription)
  2. Partner Plan $297: affiliate commission is $891 per month (as long as they renew their subscription)

About affiliate payouts, both tools release affiliate payments after the closing of the refund period.

Why Should You Choose GrooveFunnels instead of DropFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a more advanced and easy-to-use that provides an all-inclusive package without the extra cost. It also works on mobile devices(including tablets) and has an exceptional customer support team which you can reach out to 24/7. Moreover, GrooveFunnels integrates with your favorite payment processors and offers you a complete package for your business. GrooveFunnels has a 12-month free trial, which gives you the opportunity to test GrooveFunnels out and see why GrooveFunnels is better than DropFunnel’s.

How DropFunnels Help Businesses Grow?

If you’re focusing on blogging or purchasing sponsored traffic, DropFunnels is the superior option since it has a lightning-fast loading speed better than GrooveFunnels.

They know their target audience and created an excellent program for them! If you want to run sponsored advertisements or blogs, go with DropFunnels, so you don’t lose your search engine traffic.

Over to You…

From a marketer’s perspective, GrooveFunnels and DropFunnels both are quite good. But if you are just getting started with your online business, GrooveFunnels would be the great choice. It’s easy to use interface, effective features, and result-driven approach helps businesses grow. 

However, if you are looking for a robust solution to get a sales boost, DropFunnels would be the perfect fit. With DropFunnels, you can create paid campaigns, optimize your business website, and drive more traffic from paid sources. 

But if you are still not sure about it, try both for free and decide things on your own. 


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